Condition of Flood in Terai

Due to excessive, heavy rainfall in past 4 days, peoples from terai region specially from 15 districts are facing the disasters caused by flood and landslides.
Districts like Jhapa, Ilam, Morang, Sunsari,Saptari, Udayapur, Dhanusha. Rautahat, Sarlahi, Makwanpur, Bara, Chitwan, Nawalpararsi, Rupendhi, Kapilvastu, Kachanpur and Kailali widely affected by flood.Till now more than 40 peoples loss their life and more than 100 peoples are not found.The destruction of infrastructure and physical wealth is not predicted till now.

Help collecting funds for:

  • Lighter
  • Match stick
  • Raincoats
  • Emergency Foods
  • ORS(Jevaan Jaal)
  • Medicine's
  • Sanitary Pads
  • Mosquito Coil
  • Books and copies
  • Sanitation (Brush Toothpaste Soap Detol)
  • Choclate Bars (Inatant Energy)
  • Clothes
  • Utensils for cooking food.

Note: You can donate things except money.If u want to donate money,please buy what ever u want to donate with your money. All the donated stuffs would be safely landend for Flood victims in Terai.

flood in Terai Flood in terai
flood in terai flood in terai

What can be done from our side?

Though it is the duty of government to rescue victims, but let’s think who the government is.
We ourselves are the Government in the Democracy.
Let’s lend our hands to organizations serving this cause. We can raise funds by donating from our wallet, the amount doesn’t matter; it’s the will to donate that actually matters. We can also provide our old accessories, clothes, books and other stuff.

Let’s live and let live with happiness and prosperity. Let us all help each other in times of despair, and that is what makes us humans, the social beings. Donate whatever you can, the worth isn’t by its price, but by its need to someone else. Your old shirt may be of extreme need to someone who is out there in cold.

Even a rupee from each of us can collect 3 crore rupees, so even 1 rupee coin is valuable.
Your old books for education, your utensils for distributing food and many more. Let’s contribute whatever we can. Let’s rise together with our Terai brothers and sisters.

तराई बाढी पिडित लाई सहयोग गरौ ! सेवा नै धर्म हो !